Give your awkward spaces purpose, make them into a feature as you can’t hide them! If the space isn’t utilised or featured, these areas often become dumping grounds and fill with clutter – and that isn’t good for anybody!!

1. Consider what colours you use as you can either make an area stand out or fade away – just from your choice in colour.

2. Understand the size of the space and proportion what you place in that space appropriately! Poorly portioned furniture and features will only make it more awkward!

3. Keep. It. Simple. There is no need to over decorate or place 5 items in an area that should host two. Simplicity is your friend is smaller awkward spaces.

4. Make it a feature! Through colour and decoration, you can make an awkward space something magical.

5. Turn it into storage. If you have the opportunity to turn your awkward space into a cupboard (your can simply use curtains or doors for this) and you need the extra storage – this is a perfect opportunity to turn your awkward space into utilised space that enhances your living.

Awkward spaces often can be re-imagined into great areas for storage, a bespoke library, reading nooks or just a great plant / artwork feature. Indoor plants in awkward corners placed in all different pots can create a really cool vibe, and bring the outside in. If you turn your awkward space into a bookshelf/ mini library, hang some great artwork, a low hanging pendant light or terrarium above it to create a funky space that you actually want to look at and be in. Custom draws can be a great way to fill awkward spaces and create extra storage within the home. Another idea is to build in a surfboard rack and make a feature of the newly created storage space! Custom made storage furniture is a great solution (for example triangle shaped draws), single feature chairs can also make a space inviting and really pop, lamps, rugs and shelves add warmth and storage solutions to an area that can otherwise be uninviting.

NOTE: Often, awkward spaces are a creation from ill-thought-out design. This is why at ARDH we always do furniture layouts in our design concepts to ensure we consume and utilise all the available space.

Rammed Earth Wall (with cellar behind it) and Open Steel & Timber Staircase.

This photo example shows what would have become an awkward space (the area under the stairs) if it wasn’t used to feature decorative tree stumps. This space was a product was utilising the gifts of nature (breezes and natural light) and bringing it into the home, a closed staircase was not an option, so we actively left the space under the stairs open to capture breezes and feature their collected tree stumps as artwork.

Wine cellar within rammed earth staircase

Awkward or otherwise “un-thought-out” spaces can be make into really clever storage solutions! In the bathroom pictured below, we needed to connect the lower level laundry through this multi level shoot. Instead of just leaving this area as simply a laundry shoot, we added a hidden cupboard of storage within the bathroom – hiding the shoot and adding purpose to what could have become ‘awkward space’!

Click on the ARDH image below to see it with comments on Houzz.

Clever bathroom storage
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