Are butlers pantries a bad idea and why can Chai tea help an Open Home?
Are butlers pantries a bad idea and why can Chai tea help an Open Home?

Adrian teamed up with Jill Wright and Kai Lebens of McGrath Sunshine Coast to chat all things property and capitalisation.

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Want to make more money from your next property sale? – 35 minutes with Adrian Ramsay Design House, design extraordinaire…you can thank us later 🙂

We discuss all things from TV screens to Chai Tea to some of his pet peeves including mirrored doors on built-in wardrobes and the infamous butler’s kitchens.

Check out below for the time to jump to, to get tips to help you get the most out of your property.

START: What’s the biggest mistake people make when they renovate to sell? – Emotional/Lifestyle vs Reno for flipping investment – What really adds value?

3:50 When should you be talking to a real estate agent if you are an investor? – Working with an agent to buy. Learn some mistakes buyers make when dealing with agents.

6:07 What is your best bang for buck when renovating to sell? – Carpet? Paint? Lighting?

8:10 What you are trying to achieve when you prep your home for sale – the buyer’s journey.

11:00 Simple things you can do to set your home up for the Open for Inspection? Plants, pillows, cleaning, cookies, chai tea etc

15:29 Adrian is not such a fan of mirrored doors in the bedroom…

16:50 Reno fads that don’t make sense

18:20 The ‘butlers’ pantry and why you should be focusing on value adding for future sale

20:30 Burning money on the butlers pantry. Why you need to think about how you use your kitchen and entertain before you want to get one. Where can you better spend that money?

22:46 Why half-hearted walk in robes are not a good bang for buck – go Jay Z and Beyonce size or use the space somewhere else for better functionality now and better resale in the future.

25:33 Prepping the home for a private inspection – specific things to prepare depending on the buyer. Things you might not consider, from chopping boards to artwork height.

28:25 A shrewd buyer loves cracks in the wall: get building reports before you go to market and fix key things up first.

30:16 Getting plans done up for ‘potential’ renovations when used to sell the property? – dangerous ground for an agent who has to sell the house and someone else’s dream.

32:18 Why you should call Adrian Ramsay Design House before your next build or renovation.

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