CANSTAR Renovation Guide

Adrian Ramsay talks to CANSTAR for their 2018 Renovation Guide about planning your next dream project.

Below is some of Adrian’s Top Tips!

Once you have set a budget, it’s time to plan your project. You may choose to do this alone, with the help of friends, or you may consider hiring experts to help.

Using a qualified designer for a renovation project has its pros and cons, and isn’t for everyone, but if you choose to do so, here are some tips to consider from Adrian Ramsay, owner and design director of Adrian Ramsay Design House.

  • How to choose the right designer for your project It is essential to shop around. Look over designers’ previous work, their reviews (particularly on third-party platforms such as review sites or social media) and their design philosophy.
  • Look out for a designer with similar ideals as you – for example, if you are passionate about eco-building, make sure to hire a designer who has experience in eco-friendly and sustainable building design.

What to prepare for your first design consultation:

When Adrian Ramsay meets a client for an initial consultation, here are the top three things he wants to know –

  • What is your location?

When designing a renovation, it’s important to design within your environment, not just on it. A great designer will get to know your location and the gifts of nature that are in that location (breezes, aspect, views, lighting).

  • What are your dreams for your home?

Don’t hold back, tell your designer everything.

  • What designs do you love? What designs do you hate?

Bring some pictures for inspiration and possibly a Pinterest board.

  • What is your budget?

Make sure to clarify your ideal dollar amount AND your absolute maximum spend amount.

To read the full informative PDF, download here >>

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