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Sean and Rachael wanted their home changed to fit their lifestyle, this was a real “lifestyle” renovation. They dreamed of a free-flowing environment with breezes blowing through, lots of open space, sunshine, open access to the pool, a remote parents’ retreat, breathtaking sea views from the bedroom, a natural wood feel especially from the doors and decks, cool in Summer and warm in Winter, casual entertaining areas, a place that unequivocally represented their idea of home. ​ By looking at every single angle of each aspect of the renovation, we worked together to see where we could get cost savings. This was a focus for us and the client (also – this is something that we do for every client). ​ The challenges: – Ran to the outside edge of the rules to push the renovation as far as we could go within a restricted site. Adrian found this to be lots of fun as it was a great challenge. – Every aspect of the renovation had to add equity to the house, this was a dream home design but in the end it needed to make them money when they sold/ if they sold. – Regulations said: cannot have a three story house, also, couldn’t have a build over 8m tall. – The house: laundry and garage was one entire level (ground floor) and could not be moved… So we designed the house around this factor! – Wanted to have family living area on it’s own level (third floor) that is not in regulations. ​ The wins: – The renovation has added significant value to the home, have since sold the home last year to move to a better location and made money on the sale – Client has asked ARDH to do their next renovation as was so happy with the previous job! – Every request on the job was completed (including having 3 *unofficial* stories to make the spaces they desired. This was achieved through clever re-jigging of spaces

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