When looking at the changes you want to make to your home, there is a tried and trusted 5 Step Formula that can help you decide what you can do yourself and what to leave to the professionals.

1. Priority

Whenever approaching a DIY project, always ask yourself: – What is the priority of the project, do I need it right now? – Will I still need it in 5 or 10 years’ time? If it is a change that you’re wanting to stand the test of time – it may be best to look at getting a professional to help you so it is the best it can be structurally as well as being designed well to grow and move with you and your family as you do.

2. Budget

The next thing to consider is the budget.

DIY is often seen as a cheaper option, however, there are times when hiring a designer or contractor can help you make greater savings purely from viewing your needs and what you are wanting to achieve in a different way.

3. Ability

The third consideration is your ability.

Without the ability to do the job – you will NOT add value to your home by doing it yourself, it will do the opposite.

4. Time

The last consideration is one that is often overlooked when considering DIY and that is TIME. Without having the time you require to do you DIY project, it will become an unfinished source of frustration for you [and often your partner!].

To keep DIY enjoyable… Why not start with a smaller project to get a feel for it first?

If you’re needing to paint a room, re-tile the bathroom and add on a deck – start with painting first, see how you go with that and then plan the rest of the renovations!

Want more information on how to approach a reno?… Check out Adrian Ramsay’s short video below:

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