Getting it Right – Your Dream Team.

We are a passionate, creative and driven team here at Adrian Ramsay Design House (ARDH). My parents were creatives, and since I was a child, I have been drawn to the creative side of life also. I’ve fortunately been able to make a great living out of doing what I love.

My appreciation for how things go together has led me through my creative career. I’ve managed teams, so I also know first hand the importance of having a team around you that reflects what you do and who you are. I have experience in and a passion for the science behind creativity and design, and I know that the right people in the right places can make for a brilliant, seamless and successful experience on projects.

When I started flipping houses, it became even more apparent to me that I needed to work with people that had my vision, could problem solve, adapt to change and be motivated by the process of achieving the best outcome. That ethos served me well, as I had some extremely successful results. When I started getting requests from friends to help them redesign their homes, it became the beginning of ARDH.

I have maintained the same formula of choosing those I work with at ARDH, we want people that fit our culture. Understanding what you do is one obstacle, and who can help you is another.

It’s complex, they have to be an asset, fantastic at what they do and open to change and learning, but more importantly, they need the qualities and values that match our team and our vision. While it’s a serious business, we work in residential design with new homes and renovations – we don’t work in commercial space – so it’s all about the clients that we work with; we like to have fun.

We want our clients to feel like they belong with us through the design process; so it goes without saying that we want every member of the team, to be honest, trustworthy, generous, polite and caring. Our clients have high expectations of us, and I expect the same from the team. They need to have creativity, capability and the capacity to move with the project and adjust as needs change.

I try to spend time with every member of my team to build a relationship, this starts out small and through the process, it usually ends up with them delivering in their sweet spot. From the surveyor to the builder, everyone has a part to play in making a success of the project. Our dream team is everybody you could ever need to design and create a home that will make your heart sing.

When a client needs help outside of our brief, I want to be able to confident that I can recommend someone that I trust; this could be a brilliant painter, an extraordinary electrician, a wizard of a finance broker or a champion chippy. They need to be professional and fundamentally LOVE what they do and be prepared to share that passion and love with us, the client and the project.

Working with passionate people that are prepared to go above and beyond and think outside the square for what they want to achieve is my dream team. When you get the right team, it just works, and they will be with you for the long haul. Many of our ADRH dream team we have been working with for 10 years our more – it’s about bringing out the best in each other, and getting the best results.

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