Making your mark, one sketch at a time

Creativity is something which can be expressed in a multitude of ways before landing on that one thing that truly lets you mine the depths of your talent, so says a leading illustrator.

Speaking to Adrian Ramsay on his podcast TALK Design, internationally-renowned fashion illustrator Wenna Prive spoke about her experience working in commercial illustration, and how her journey as a creative led her from fashion and interior design, to a successful illustrating career which has seen her work adorn the likes of London’s famed Savoy Hotel.

“I don’t have to choose one path. I can dabble in fashion, I can dabble in interiors, I can wear a few different hats,” she said.

She spoke about her background and how she first became interested in illustration.

Wenna’s work has been the recipient of praise from London’s Savoy Hotel, which commissioned work from her to illustrate their in-house board game, The Savoy River of Trivia, which takes players on a journey along the River Thames.

“When the Savoy approached me to do the game, I was already going ‘I’m not sure I’m good enough for this, this is a huge project and I don’t know if I can take this on… But I said yes.

“It’s an entire process where you have to be able to work with many, many different people, and its important to check your ego at the door and take on whatever it is you’re going to give me.”

Wenna’s career started in fashion PR in LA, where she was celebrity styling, and then switched over to illustration, having worked with Columbia Records.

“I think with creatives, can wear many hats. Before you find something that really speaks to you have to try and see what fits you.”

“Because you can fit into a lot of boxes. When you’re starting out, you’re not necessarily sure where you belong, where you can give the most, or where you can add to the conversation.”

Adrian Ramsay’s podcast TalkDesign is a series of conversations which explore the minds of people who shape thinking with design. You can listen to the full conversation with Wenna Prive here.

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