Planning your style

There are several very important things to consider when planning your renovation; budget, timeline, functionality, location or neighbourhood, and your designer, according to Adrian Ramsay of Adrian Ramsay Design House.

Your budget will more or less be determined by your needs. More bedrooms and bathrooms, larger living areas or more entertaining space needed? Your functionality and needs analysis will mostly determine the budget and timeline.

One thing overlooked by many renovators is their location in relation to the outlay of costs. Adrian stresses “Don’t over capitalise. It would be crazy to turn your house into a million dollar home if the best house in the street is only worth $600,000.”

So now to the interior; while often the space or home you are renovating may go some way to influencing some of the design, most people have a wish list. It’s recommended before you even approach an architect or building designer, think about creating a vision board; collect pictures and images, samples, take photos and keep it collected for clarity when meeting with a designer.

Consider where you live and your surroundings, the outlook of the space or home. There are masses of options; traditional, shabby-chic, beach/nautical, farmhouse, industrial, Mediterranean, Scandi, rustic, tropical, vintage, boho, minimalist….. on and on and on it goes. It’s going to come down to your personality, your interests, your surroundings and your vision.

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