Rural Properties are Becoming AirBnB Money Magnets.

With Australia being such a beautiful and diverse country more and more city dwellers are looking to experience the wide-open spaces, the bush, and regional parts of our country. Airbnb has had an impact on where we go, and where we stay and according to recently released data, regional towns (yep not cities) are the most in-demand locations for bookings.

In 2018 more than half the bookings for Airbnb were made in regional areas, and recent data suggests that the trend is not waining. Travel is much more accessible these days, and while we still like to see the famous landmarks and places, at home here our travel leans more towards living like the locals.

It’s not surprising savvy property owners and Airbnb have also enabled the rise of the unique and amazing experiences in the rural areas; there’s good money to be made. It’s gone beyond just offering an accommodation service for the hosts and Airbnb, it’s not about a cheap place to stay on the road to somewhere else.

These hosts are creating complete experiences centred around the home, the interest (places to go and things to see), and the history of the locations. You can discover the quieter and rustic side of life in little known places (except to the locals) like Blewitt Springs, Bellingen, Robertson, Diamond Valley, and Maleny.

The additional income for the property owners, while it’s a great bonus, is inturn encouraging many owners to invest in redesigning their properties into beautifully designed and turned out spaces. In some cases, Airbnb customers are looking for specific types of places to stay, they want different, particular or exclusive features, and while the location may even be secondary to the accommodation, these designs are often available off the beaten track.

From re-located churches converted to quirky accommodation, luxury teepees in fields, homestead rooms, and farmhouses, many have been redesigned with unique personalities. Homes and other accommodation types are followed by thousands of Instagram junkies.

Often set off with local artisan artworks and offerings, the owners lend credence to the area by encouraging you in the direction of local experiences and promoting the surrounding locations, places, and local legends.

Look out for fire-pits, fireplaces, swings, and hammocks. Local water holes to swim in, and nature trails to hike to discover the surrounding bushlands. Meet llamas, camels, and alpacas. Immerse yourself in all that the surrounding areas have to offer in the aim of nurturing your experience and wellness.

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