Transforming your life through growing your wealth

Speaking to Adrian Ramsay on his podcast TALK Design, Bruce Campbell – owner of the Entrepreneurial Business School – spoke about how he helps individuals in business grow their wealth and transform their life. Much like the eclectic styles Adrian brings to his designs, his podcast guests are equally eclectic.

Discussing many topics, including maintaining motivation for your craft after going into business, the two talked about the importance of clearly defining goals and dreams, and more.

“No-one wakes up a natural entrepreneur,” Campbell said. “It’s a learnt skill.

“Most people end up in a business and they don’t have the tool belt or knowing what to do and when, so essentially we do a huge amount of work on skill development and knowledge and helping people grow.”

It’s the ambition of the Entrepreneurial Business School to help people maintain the passion for their business long after they have established themselves in their chosen careers for 5, 10, 15 years.

“What they usually do is have the business side of their work overshadow their enjoyment,” Bruce told Adrian, a Sunshine Coast design expert.

“I want to help people get to their destinations, and I want to get there myself.

“The problem is that most people don’t know their destination because no darned person has ever asked them to write their friggin’ destination down!”

Host Adrian Ramsay equated the idea to his line of work – design and eclectic styling – citing the phrase that ‘every disaster started out as a great idea somewhere.’ You can have a great idea for the house, but without the right know-how and expertise, it’s just a fluffy idea. Campbell agreed.

“Your business should allow your dreams to take shape, not only monetarily, but also the time to enjoy it.”

Bruce believes that the key to achieving your dreams begins with the simple act of writing them down.

“Most people don’t dream, and I think having the ability to do that, having the accountability from someone else… if you haven’t done it today by yourself, you’re probably unlikely to do it going forward on an ongoing basis.

“If you don’t dream, you’re not going to anchor in a point from where you can grow into something.”

“What I am now, I never thought was possible 10 years ago. I look back at what I thought was the ‘dream house’. I look back and think I was thinking so small back then, but I couldn’t see it.

Buderim Queensland’s Adrian Ramsay’s podcast TalkDesign is a series of conversations which explore the minds of people who shape thinking with design and renovation design.

You can listen to the full conversation with Bruce Campbell here.

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