What is a building design vs an interior design?

So you’ve got the cash in the bank and you’ve decided it’s time to move, or you love where you live and your home needs some updated love for its old bones. Spending all that cash, you need to do some homework no matter what your budget. You’ll want your build or renovations to meet expectations relative to your lifestyle, taste and aspirations.

If you’re starting the process correctly you’re probably doing one of more of the following: online searches, home inspections of the places that appeal to you, watching many of the hundreds of home shows on the box, and keeping your eye the trends that are current and arising. But how far and wide are you actually looking at what’s going on now in the Australian renovation space?

Adrian Ramsay who in 2019 won National and Regional building design awards with the Building Designers Association of Australia describes himself as a house designer; he and his team design houses for people, they specifically meet the desires of clients; form and function of the building are a big factor, and then there is the interior design. It’s a holistic approach – Adrian loves putting all the pieces together, and Adrian Ramsay Design House aim to give his clients everything they want, and more.

Using his unique ‘Design Magic’ process, he listens to client’s dreams, understands their budget, and creates a unique, functional and stylish home. The incredible thing about this process is that no two houses are the same – they are tailor made.

Many of his designs incorporate existing products and keepsakes the owners love and want to keep; so his team will repurpose or remodel a piece of furniture to incorporate that into the new design of the home. With an extensive background in design from a young age, across a broad spectrum of industries and role, he gets his inspiration anywhere from fashion, designers, architects, to artists and car makers, as well as nature making his eclectic style adaptable to whatever his clients’ visions are.

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