What is Land Whispering?

Land Whispering: Connecting with the Essence of a Place

In this conversation, Duayne Pearce and I explore the concept of Land Whispering, a profound connection to the land and its energy. We delve into the essence of each piece of land, seeking the sacred spots that hold unique significance.

We discuss the importance of not simply building houses but creating environments that foster community, connection, and security. We share stories of architects who made choices about where to build, emphasizing the need to preserve the natural beauty and energy of certain places.

Land Whispering is a process that involves deep listening, observing nature, and understanding the dynamics of the land. It’s about responsible construction that minimizes impact and maximises the harmony between humans and the environment.

As designers, we recognize the value of creating outdoor spaces for meaningful experiences, even on smaller plots. Our goal is to break down barriers, both physical and social, to reconnect with our neighbours and nature.

Join us in embracing this powerful approach to architecture and design, one that honours the land and enriches the lives of those who inhabit it.

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