Why an architectural tour should be on your bucket list

If you’re looking for serious inspiration, and willing to go the extra mile to find the designs and styles fall in love with, you may want to have a serious think about an architectural tour. Who hasn’t purchased an amazing piece of art or sculpture on their travels, and then given it pride of place at home to reinvigorate the decor and remind us of our happy place?

Recreating the space or different surroundings that make your heart sing can be the ultimate inspiration for your planned renovations or rebuild.

As part of Adrian’s ongoing education, inspiration and passion for design, he hosts a tour every year to some of the most celebrated modern homes in the world, created by some of the best architects and designers. It’s a total immersion in the design and development of world class homes. Tour prices vary depending on the destination, and they are limited to small numbers

The Design from a Different Perspective Tour in Austin, Texas affords Adrian and his guest exclusive access to specified homes, and there are insights from other professional designers and architects, Adrian works closely with the AIA Austin to co-ordinate his tour.

This year the tour also visited ‘Fallingwater’, the design masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright, and other notable and sustainable homes by Wright, staying overnight in a “Frank Lloyd Wright home, all in the woods of Pennsylvania this level of immersing yourself in design is second to none for learning and inspiration.

If you are about to make a major investment in your home and lifestyle, Adrian’s tours would be an invaluable inspiration for your dream home. It’s also a priceless opportunity for other professionals in the building and design space to stay ahead of the game.

The passion and expertise of Adrian and his team can guide your journey to your dream home with lots of fun and inspirational, it’s no wonder that Sunshine Coast building design is on the map as some of the best.

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